Original Equipment tyres (OE)

Many people choose to fit the same car tyres that were fitted to the vehicle as standard when it was new. These Original Equipment (OE) tyres have been carefully designed and chosen by both the car maker and tyre manufacturer to ensure optimum driving performance and safety.

Car and tyre manufacturers work closely together to select the design, characteristics, size and tread pattern that best suits a new car’s tyres, a process which takes account of many factors, including handling, durability, performance and price.

We supply and fit a range of manufacturer-specific OE tyres for most car makes and models including Audi ‘AO’ tyres, Mercedes-Benz ‘MO’ tyres and Porsche ‘N’ tyres. Tyres with these approvals have been endorsed by each car manufacturer’s engineers during the vehicle’s development and testing stages. As such, these manufacturer-recommended tyres will often be the best option for each vehicle.


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