Spring Maintenance

Wake your car up after a long winter Winter takes its toll on all of us – short days, cold nights and wet weather mean we have to take extra precautions every time we leave the house. Our cars are no different – the winter weather and poor road conditions force us to make...

Brake Maintenance

Brake Maintenance  The Importance of listening and looking at your brakes Brake Maintenance, We are generally very concerned with how we make our cars ‘go’. Constantly thinking about getting from A to B, how quickly, how efficiently. The truth is that our cars’ ability to stop is...

Tyre Prices

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Part Worn Tyres

Part Worn Tyres – The Reality Thinking of buying Part Worn Tyres? You might want to think again Part worn = Part safe Tyres are your cars main safety feature, they are the only thing between you and the road. Choosing part worn tyres could be a risk to your safety and also a...

Tyre Pressure

Why you should check your tyre pressure regularly Correct tyre pressure is vital to your safety on the road. An under-inflated tyre can affect handling and grip, potentially causing your car to drive in an unpredictable manner. Low tyre pressure can have a negative impact on your...

Wet Weather Driving

Wet Weather Driving Motorists in Ireland are more often than not faced with four seasons in a day. We live in a country where on average it rains a lot, meaning road conditions can be hazardous – especially when a downpour follows good weather, as roads are at their most slippery...

NCT Prep

Nct Prep, Prepping for the NCT Is your NCT just around the corner? Not sure what you need to do to prep for it? Here’s some tips to help you get your car ready for its NCT. Gone are the days where you could charm your way out of not having a valid NCT. Since December 2014, if you...

Driver Fatigue

We’ve all done it. Gotten into our car to start a journey while tired. Maybe it’s after a long day of activity or work. Then we are faced into a long drive home. Maybe it’s an early start after a very late night. But driver fatigue is not something that should be ignored. A...
One4all Voucher

We accept One4all vouchers

Need something to use those leftover Christmas Vouchers on?  We accept One4all vouchers What better way to use that One4all voucher you received this Christmas than on a service or new tyres for your car. All Atlas Autoservice branches across Dublin accept One4all vouches. Treat...

Need new tyres?

Tips for buying new tyres for your car Most people only think about new tyres when they’ve failed the NCT and you have to replace them. It’s then, when we go to replace them, that we’re faced with a confusing range of tyre options from which we have to choose. To most people, all...

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