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You’ve passed your test and are now a fully-fledged driver! You’re feeling great and about to take your first drive as a pro. Now you’ve passed your test you don’t need to be such a perfect driver, do you? Maybe you’ll relax a little on the ten and two hand position. You might stop a bit too close to the car in front, or maybe you’ll check your mirrors less often, because hey, you’ve passed the big test. And that’s how the bad habits begin for any young driver.

Keeping an eye on the bad habits we form over time is crucial for keeping our roads safe, and will make you a better driver too. Here are six of the most common bad driving habits among Irish road users.

Keeping Control of the wheel
This bad habit comes in many guises, from crossing your arms over when taking sharp turns, steering with the heel of your hand or steering with one hand. Remember to feed the wheel when steering and always keep both hands in position.

Stopping too close to other cars
Bumper to bumper is a phrase that should not be taken literally. Remember, make sure you can see the tarmac so you know you’re leaving enough room between you and the car in front when stopped in traffic. If you can’t read their reg plate you’re too close!

Checking mirrors
They say change starts with the man in the mirror, and in this case that’s you! Too often, people don’t check their mirrors before driving off. If you don’t check your mirrors, you can’t see what’s around you, a cyclist, a pedestrian another car. Remember to always check your mirrors before driving off, pulling out, or merging with another lane of traffic.

Indicators are not optional extras that only come with cars when you pay that bit extra. They are one of those handles that stick out at the side of the steering wheel and they don’t break if used. Indicating is a customary gesture that lets other road users where you are going. Remember to check your mirror, then indicate, and only when you can see the manoeuvre is safe, move into position.

Road rage
You may be feeling enraged by the bad habits of other drivers, but road rage shouldn’t be your response in any situation. Remember that mistakes happen, and getting angry won’t get you there any faster. Its better to arrive alive and late than getting

Driving distracted
We should all know by now how dangerous it is to use your phone while driving, but the fact remains it’s difficult to ignore the intriguing ‘beep beep’ of a Whatsapp message, especially when you’re stuck in traffic. Your mobile phone makes you four times more likely to crash. And when you consider that driver distraction plays a role in 20-30% of all road collisions, phone use and driving is an issue that we all need to think differently about. Plus, if caught using your phone behind the wheel you will receive a fine and

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